• Lake Erie Frozen Foods
    Lake Erie Frozen Foods

    Jalapeno poppers, breaded and battered vegetables, cheese and appetizer bites

  • Cavendish

    Fries in every shape and size from value priced to premium

  • Bellissimo Chicken Wings
    Bellissimo Chicken Wings

    Cooked, raw, breaded, battered and sauced wings, chunks, strips and patties

Sofo Foods stocks a wide variety of appetizers, all designed to help our customers increase sales and boost their bottom line. Our appetizer category features brands like McCain’s, Anchor, Cavendish, Lake Erie, La Nova and Bellissimo.We also stock a large selection of Frito Lay and gourmet snack products. There is a product for every type of restaurant and nearly every type of cooking options. Since we service so many pizzerias, we stock a large selection of oven-friendly options. Your Sofo Foods Account Manager can help you select an appetizer that will meet your needs.   

  • French fries
  • Onion rings
  • Breaded and battered cheese
  • Breaded and battered vegetables
  • Chicken wings and chunks
  • Potato chips, tortilla chips and other snacks